Press Release: Lowes Moore, our Executive Director of Development, who proudly served the community for 27 years, has announced his retirement

Press Release

Contact: Mel Campos

Chief Professional Officer

Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon

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After a long and distinguished career, Boys and Girls Club of Mount Vernon Executive Director of Development Lowes Moore, Jr. has decided to retire. He will continue to serve the Club as a consultant.

Moore, a Mount Vernon High School graduate, was a star basketball player who played in college at West Virginia University, and in the NBA with the New Jersey Nets. Moore is also an alumnus of the Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon. Following his outstanding basketball career, in 1993 Moore returned to work at the Club in Mount Vernon. At that time there was little funding to support their after-school programs and their board had considered shutting down the facility, which had been in operation since 1956. Working with volunteers and unpaid staff, Moore played a key role in helping to rebuild the reputation of the Club and offered a fresh start for Mount Vernon area youth who had few alternatives to turn to.

In a prepared statement, Moore said “As I reflect back on my 27-year career with the Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon, there were tough times, long hours, and sacrifices, but It never felt like work because I was always driven by purpose. Making sure the Club was clean and prepared each day and that the kids came through those magical doors was my priority.  I am reminded that I was once one of those kids who entered through those same doors and the Club was always prepared for me.” Moore’s dedication and hard work helped bring back many of the hometown heroes who were invested in the Club’s success, including Billy Thomas , James Jones, Denzel Washington, Gus and Ray Williams, Rodney and Scooter McCray, Ben Gordon, Talent, JB Smoove, Mike Philips, Jerald Hoover and many others.

Today, the Club supports over 1,400 area youth and is on sound financial footing. Moore added: “Moving forward I want to continue to support my Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon as an alumnus, and I will consult with the leadership as needed. I am asking all alumni and friends to continue to support the Club in all of your efforts.  I will be right there with you as a proud alumnus. I want to thank all of the staff, past and present, for their dedication to our youth, and all of the past Board Members who gave me an opportunity to come home again.  Finally, I thank and implore all current Board Members and Donors to continue investing in the future of these awesome youth.  Every day for the last 27 years I have tried to provide the same thing for each kid that entered through those doors. I am leaving the Club in great hands.  It has been my pleasure to serve you all.”

Said Board President Fred Powers, “We will continue to be grateful for all that Lowes has done and we will always welcome him back to the place he has called his second home.”

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The Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon offers after school programs for over 1,400 youth in the Mount Vernon community, to help them learn and grow in a safe, fun, educational environment. Every day, their dedicated, highly trained staff and volunteers serve youth members with a wide variety of engaging, interactive activities and programs, to help them improve their self- esteem, develop positive values, and achieve their highest potential in academic success. The mission of the Boys & Girls Club is to develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders. For more information, contact Mel Campos, Chief Professional Officer, at 914 668-9580