Boys and Girls Club of Mt. Vernon offers a wide variety of special programs for girls and boys ages 13 to 18, including:


The Alpha Stars work with Club members who express interest in Cheerleading. The Cheerleading team starts the younger members with observation and basic technique. As their skills develop, the members work their way up to the competitive team. The team competes in several local and national tournaments. The team also performs at the Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon throughout the year. They provide many hours of volunteer service to the Club. For more information visit the Alpha Stars.

Tracie George is Director of the Alpha Stars, a leading cheerleading program that has gained prominence as national champions.


The Revelators Dance Troupe helps aspiring dancers develop discipline and technique, as they train and perform during their full benefit recitals.

Marion Archer dreamed of The Revelators Dance Troupe over 30 years ago after seeing the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. Her passion for dance began at Washington Junior HS and moved to the Boys and Girls Club of Mt. Vernon, which remains the home base for the dance troupe, which has grown to include dance forms from Africa, along with tap and dances from other countries and cultures.