BGCMV Community Conversation Series featuring ‘A Blessing’

BGCMV Community Conversation Series, featuring ‘A Blessing”, Sunday, April 11, Zoom opens at 4 pm. Registration is required for this complimentary event.

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As the celebration of Black women making history continues, join the Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon for our next Community Conversation featuring ‘A Blessing’ by co-authors Bonita C. Stewart and Jacqueline Adams. This event is being held in conjunction with the National Coalition for 100 Black Women – Manhattan Chapter.

With the intent of inspiring the next generation of young women of color, in their book, “A Blessing,” authors Bonita C. Stewart and Jacqueline Adams share what they learned from their careers and provide a “playbook” on how the next generation of young Black businesswomen can navigate their careers, team up with other women and establish a support system to climb the ladder of success.  Bonita C. Stewart was the first African American female Vice President at Google and Jacqueline Adams was the first African American female correspondent formally assigned to cover the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush White House for CBS News. In his foreword to the book, Kenneth Chennault, former Chairman and CEO of American Express says, ” While Jackie’s and Bonita’s book is focused on business, it does so through the lens of middle-class childhoods, unapologetically black perspectives, and with an unflinching analysis of the country’s history of racism – yet with an optimism about the future that I recognized immediately as echoing my own.”

The Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon is excited to have this dynamic duo provide our youth with insight and guidance as they strive to imagine their own futures.