Alumni are individuals who were members of the Boys Club or Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon afterschool, teen, or specialty programs. As an Alumni, you will be invited by Staff or Board of Directors to attend board events, fundraisers, and networking on behalf of the Club.

The primary responsibility of an Alumni Member is to elevate the Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon profile among potential supporters and partners, as their schedules allow.

Specific responsibilities may include:

  • Promote and/or attend fundraising efforts
  • Network and introduce Board Chair, CPO, and Executive Director of Development to potential Club business partners, community leaders, and donors who support youth
  • Increase awareness of Club activities through community outreach and media
  • Promote and/or attend Club promotional events
  • Promote and/or attend special, local events sponsored by Club
  • Correspond with Board Chair, CPO, and Executive Director Development about potential connections and opportunities
  • Attend monthly or annual Alumni meetings
  • Serve as local (Westchester) or national ambassador
  • Have fun!

Resource Commitment

  • Participation in annual campaigns with a personal contribution or membership (e.g. Just Takes One)
  • Submit potential donors or board member contacts
  • Use your expertise to help create a positive impact on the Club

 Time Commitment

  • Attend events, local and Annual Alumni meetings when available
  • Speak on behalf of the Board to businesses and community leaders, whenever possible
  • Most importantly visit the Club as often as possible, and enjoy yourself!

Alumni Member Information